Community Support

Building on the legacy of community service established when INCO Ltd. owned the land upon which Coniston Industrial Park is located, we are committed to being a good neighbor and supporting the community that surrounds the park. We work closely with several groups in Coniston such as the Coniston Historical Society and Coniston Community Gardens.

Coniston Industrial Park, along with Lopes Ltd., built and donated the splash pad and the skate park for families to enjoy.

In addition to these larger projects, Coniston Industrial Park supports and donates to many initiatives and requests from Coniston residents.

Social Responsibility

Operating a large industrial park within a community presents many unique opportunities to create positive interactions with community members. We are dedicated to regreening the park to ensure flourishing biodiversity and to enhance the scenery and landscape for those who live nearby. We have open communication with neighboring residential areas to ensure that we do as much as we possibly can to minimize disturbance generated by industrial work, like sand, noise control, and traffic flow.

ESG Strategy – Environmental, Social, Governance

At Coniston Industrial Park, our motto is Community for Life. We walk our talk of being community partners, and one important way to do this is by helping to maintain a better environment for everyone. 

Coniston Industrial Park has made a commitment to ESG, a philosophy and strategy that supports our commitment to pursuing sustainability and social responsibility for our employees, tenants, community, and environment. We are also committed to advancing the sustainability goals of our forward-thinking members who have rooted themselves for growth in our industrial business community.

ESG helps guide our business discussions and decisions. You can count on the fact that Coniston Industrial Park is asking important questions like:

  • What are the environmental factors at play? 
  • What is the discussion around challenges and opportunities regarding climate impact, energy use, waste production & management, pollution, etc.? 
  • How will we work symbiotically and synergistically with our partners, tenants, and employees to ensure we are conserving resources and cutting down on our carbon footprint with construction, logistics, and fuel? 

Coniston Industrial Park is proud of our ESG commitment to our community.