Our Story

History of the Park

The history of Coniston Industrial Park dates back to the early 1900s when The Mond Nickel Company brought its smelting operations to Coniston. On May 13, 1913, the smelter began operations, triggering the growth of the community. In 1928 they merged with the International Nickel Company to form INCO Ltd., becoming the largest mining company in the world and controlling the nickel market at that time.

INCO Ltd. was committed to supporting the community of Coniston and the people who lived there. The company not only upgraded and maintained all the major city systems like hydro, sewer, and water – they also did things like create the community hall and community park that are still enjoyed to this day.  These values of being a good neighbour and supporting the community where we conduct business is one of the pillars that Coniston Industrial Park is built on.

When the smelter was decommissioned in 1976, many of the buildings were destroyed. However, several of the original buildings, including the prominent Twin Stacks (erected in 1954 and 1959), are still standing today. Felix Lopes Sr. purchased the land from INCO Ltd. and began operations for Lopes Mechanical, a sheet metal and fabrication shop, shortly thereafter.


Restoration efforts are ongoing to bring life back to the park’s confines that were ravaged by the poor smelting processes of the early 1900s, with Coniston Industrial Park focused on regreening initiatives to ensure flourishing biodiversity. Nearly 1000 trees are planted annually, and native plants are used to beautify the grounds, planters, and rooftops of some of the buildings. There are greenspaces for employees working in the park to enjoy as well as forested walking, hiking, and biking trails. We are proud of our commitment to the community through our ESG strategy, and encourage all prospective tenants or customers to find out more about our efforts.

Several businesses already call Coniston Industrial Park home, serving a multitude of related industries. Coniston Industrial Park is well on its way to being the premier destination for businesses looking for not just symbiotic, but truly synergistic partnerships with other members, and to offer a progressive work experience for their employees.