Service Offerings

Coniston Industrial Park is proud to offer our members a suite of business-class services that make operating and growing your business easier.

General Construction and Cleaning Services

To support the businesses within the park, we have a full staff of carpenters and maintenance personnel to maintain your office buildings. From general repairs to daily cleaning, members have access to these services on-site.

Diesel and DEF Fueling Station

Our large drive-through, covered diesel and DEF fueling station is available to all Coniston Industrial Park members, and the public.

Vehicle and Heavy-Duty Service Centre

Providing maintenance and repair on standard vehicles and heavy-duty equipment, the Service Centre at Coniston Industrial Park provides competitive rates and excellent service for members and employees.


Coniston Industrial Park provides logistics solutions to help businesses streamline their processes and grow with confidence.

Warehouse Management

Not enough space in your current facility? Coniston Industrial Park can help with that! We can take care of tracking and storing inventory and equipment with our many on-site warehouses, which are all ISO 9001:2015 certified by Intertek.